Pharm to Table is overjoyed to be presented daily with the finest marijuana and related products locally grown and crafted.  In an attempt to streamline this process, we have created some basic guidelines for the vending process.  If you are an aspiring vendor, please come by and drop us a sample of what you would like to vend.  We will take a week or so to sample and review the product. If we are interested in your product, we will contact you to make a purchase.  We understand that you are passionate about what you do, and if you feel your product needs more introduction, please feel free to include any written information or marketing material.

We will take a week to review the product and after that time, we will contact the vendor if we are interested. 

Vendor Requirements

  1. Vendor must be an OLCC licensed producer, processor or wholesaler (we can no longer accept product from OMMP cardholders).

  2. A Metrc manifest for the sample package(s) must be created and transferred to Pharm to Table through Metrc before any samples can be dropped off. 

  3. Please contact Pharm to Table via email at prior to sample drop off to ensure that a manager is available to accept the physical sample and receive the transfer through Metrc.

  4. All products must have test results by ORELAP and OLCC accredited labs.

  5. A minimum of the following quantities are required for any samples that are transferred to Pharm to Table.

    • Marijuana flower: 1 gram

    • Extracts/Concentrates: ¼ gram

    • Edibles/Tictures/Capsules: 2 servings

    • Topicals: ½ oz



This document can be downloaded here.