Meet our staff.

Steven Brimm, Sensi-Sommellier

Although he was born in Germany, Steven has spent time living in San Francisco and Montana.  He attended college in Northern California, where he studied Fire Science and Kinesiology. He's worked in the cannabis industry for nearly a decade, which is how he developed his interest in plant cultivation. Steven is Pharm To Table's "Sensi-Sommellier," a position we created to cover the wide range of work he does here. He's the Purchasing/Sales manager, and is responsible for much of the impeccable design and finish work in our facility, something which helped elevate our space from ordinary to upscale. 

Steven is excited to be a part of the Pharm To Table team, and to help lead the charge in bringing about a cultural shift in the country.

Crystal Plotner, General Manager

After growing up in Northern California, Crystal attended the University of Berkeley and obtained a BA in Latin American Studies with a minor in Global Poverty, then a Master of Laws degree in International Human Rights Law from the National University of Ireland, Galway. She worked as a Social Care Coordinator in Ireland, and as a Legal Advocacy Researcher in the Syrian Golan and Palestine. From her time spent living and working abroad, Crystal brings a global awareness and unshakable spirit to our team as our General Manager and Compliance Officer. The importance of bringing attention to medical marijuana as a viable treatment option is something that has personal significance to her. At the age of 21 she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and began to learn about medical cannabis. This lead her to pursue alternative health treatments and a healthier lifestyle overall. Because of her personal       health challenges, she now fully supports exploration of medicinal cannabis as treatment and prides herself on being an advocate for those seeking an alternative to conventional remedies.

Jason Rott, Owner

Although a Northern California native, Jason has spent the last ten years living in Oregon, Utah, and Alaska, exploring the outdoors and obtaining a BA in Psychology from Pacific University in Portland. While in Alaska, Jason worked at Denali National Park and bonded over a love of the outdoors with Sarah, a woman who would eventually become his wife. Jason and his family are excited to once again be living in Oregon, and to be a part of the Medford-Ashland community.

David Bryant, Owner/Marketing

Born in Honduras, Dave was raised by wolves in Northern California, and has spent time living in Maui. He holds a BA in Latin American studies with a minor in Graphic Design from California State University in Chico. He's worked extensively as an Account Executive for craft breweries across the country, working hard to bolster their merchandising efforts. He has over 14 years of marketing experience, and previously owned a successful screen printing company in Santa Barbara, California. 

Drawing on his experience with the craft brew world, Dave brings an eye for detail and culturally-driven creativity. He's excited to work with Pharm To Table and shine and spotlight on the small growers who work tirelessly to produce high quality products.