Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Medford, Oregon

You’ve finally gotten a medical marijuana card. There has been a lot of pain in your life and you think you’ve finally found a working solution. Problem is where do you go to get marijuana from a trusted source that can help you? Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are the only legal options as authorized sellers.

When you are just getting started there are so many options to choose from. How to take marijuana? How much of it am I allowed to have? What type of cannabis do I need? Your licensed physician can help, but our knowledgeable staff is on hand right when you need them. Pharm to Table is right close to you in Medford as an authorized cannabis seller.  

We’re located just off the I-5 near the Medford Estates (3528 South Pacific Hwy Medford, OR). We have a huge menu with a variety of products so that you can get the right amount of medical cannabis.

In house, we have 3 different types of cannabis that each provide a different kind of relief to your pain. Cannabis sativa as a natural antidepressant, cannabis indica to relieve pain, and cannabidiol as an anti psychotic.

Everything we sell at Pharm to Table is something that we would take ourselves. Whether you are going smokeless, vaporized, or want to eat it in a delicious cookie or hard candy we have the perfect fit for you. Please take a look at our showroom, which has only the absolute best products for your use.

Our mission is to provide comfortable, safe, and respectful environments for our patients. We want to provide you the alternative healthcare solutions to nurture the healing process in your body. We’re open 7 days a week for your convenience. Stop on by today!