How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card

OMMP Cards In Oregon

What is an OMMP card?

OMMP stands for Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, which is a state program within the public health division. With this program patients are able to obtain a medical marijuana card if they qualify and have a recommendation for the OMMP card from a qualified MD or DO.

How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card

There a few steps to getting your medical marijuana card:

  1. Determine Whether You Have A Debilitating Condition

    • Oregon defines a โ€œdebilitating conditionโ€ as any of the following:

      • Cancer

      • Glaucoma

      • A serious discomfort from the side effects of Alzheimer's disease

      • HIV or AIDS

      • Or any specific and documented medical condition that produces the following symptoms:

        • Major weight loss that cannot be fixed nutritionally

        • Severe pain (there is no exact definition of severe; this is to be determined by a qualified MD or DO)

        • Severe nausea (there is no exact definition of severe; this is to be determined by a qualified MD or DO)

        • Repeated seizures

        • Relentless muscle spasms.

  2. Get A Recommendation From A Qualified MD or DO

    • For this recommendation you must have been seen by a medical professional within the last 2 years, and be actively seeking treatment for your condition.

    • Occasionally, these recommendations may come from your primary care physician. If not, however, there are other special clinics available to those that feel they need medical marijuana relief. These special clinics are not covered by insurance and have typical fees of at least $100.

  3. Register With The State

    • You must take your MD or DO recommendation to the state and pay them a $100 fee to get your OMMP card. Once youโ€™ve done this you will get temporary papers that qualify you for the purchase of medical marijuana, while your approval is pending.