In order to buy medical marijuana legally in Oregon you must have an OMMP card. This guide will answer any questions you have about what an OMMP card is, how to qualify for one, and what you need to do to apply for your own.

What is an OMMP card?

An OMMP card signifies membership in the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, and allows the cardholder to receive medical marijuana from dispensaries. At Pharm to Table, we only allow individuals with valid OMMP cards into our showroom.


Who can get an OMMP card?

There are two requirements to be eligible for an OMMP card. Applicants must have a qualifying medical condition and a note of recommendation from an attending physician. An attending physician is defined as a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) that is licensed in the state of Oregon and is responsible for the primary care of the individual seeking the card. Naturopaths (ND), chiropractors (DC), and nurse practitioners (NP/NFP) are not qualified to provide a note of recommendation.


What is considered a qualifying medical condition?

Qualifying medical conditions include: cancer, glaucoma, degenerative or pervasive neurological conditions, HIV/AIDS, post-traumatic stress disorder; or any other health condition that causes cachexia, severe pain, nausea, seizures, or persistent muscle spasms.


How do I get an OMMP card?

Applying for an OMMP card is quick and easy.

  1. Visit your physician and have them fill out and sign the Attending Physician’s Statement (APS). The APS form must be received within 90 days of the application date.

  2. Fill out and sign an OMMP Application Form.

  3. Make a copy of your current, valid photo ID.

  4. Send everything including the appropriate fee amount to:


PO Box 14450

Portland, OR 97293-0450


If you have any other questions about what an OMMP card is, or how you can apply for one, please visit our FAQ page or feel free to contact us!